3 Ways Advancing Guitarists Can Optimize Their Progress On YouTube

resources Jun 08, 2016

Some guitar instructors discourage students from exploring online guitar instruction and resources. They warn that there's misinformation, bad instruction and that it is a distraction. I disagree.

If a student is receiving responsive and useful instruction, valuable encouragement and feed back from their instructor, they should be encouraged and directed to explore resources to help augment and optimize their progress.

Here are the top 3 ways I encourage my students to use the most useful free app on the internet for further exploration and development on guitar - YouTube.

  1. Exploring and Learning New Tools, Techniques & Songs

    If you want to fast track your progress, Justin Sandercoe's Channel hosts his entire Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Method. He also has several playlists on various styles, techniques, and songs.

    Justin was a pioneer of using YouTube to provide online guitar lessons. Another is Marty Schwartz's Channel GuitarJamz. You can find hundreds of popular rock and pop songs broken down and taught step-by-step.
  2. Application - Finding & Using Backing Tracks

    If you are learning a new song and want to practice singing or playing the chords and/or melody or apply soloing techniques to it, it helps to have a backing track to play along with. Simply type in the name of the tune and key and the words "backing track" in a YouTube Search and you'll find several results to try to play along with. For instance when I typed "Blues Shuffle Backing Track in E," I got all these choices!

  3. Posting Performance Videos

    There are two reasons to post videos of yourself performing your strongest repertoire. The first is you can share them with family and friends (and the world if you dare), and get feedback and encouragement.The second is you can use them to promote your act if you are exploring playing live shows.

    A Few Words of Caution
  1. Many YouTube Channels provide great instruction but do not provide feedback or correction. Check in with your real-life instructor to help optimize what you're learning on your own online. Also, while there is high-quality free instruction online, there's also some outright junk. Your instructor can help sort that out.

  2. Backing tracks can never replace the experience of jamming with your instructor and/or friends and getting feedback on things you need to address to improve.
  3. If you post performance videos you will likely receive both encouragement and criticism. Your instructor can help you measure the validity and/or usefulness of both YouTube has a wealth of good instruction, resources and promotional opportunities that can help further your guitar playing adventure. But it can also be a jungle fraught with danger and pitfalls. Make sure you travel with a knowledgable and trusted guide/teacher that will keep you on track.

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