"Scott Perry is a great guitar teacher. He's an excellent communicator who always knows exactly what's needed to help guitar students improve their playing skills. His commitment to his students and his easy going manner make Scott one of the best guitar teachers around." Martin Taylor, Jazz Guitarist, and Teacher

"Scott sets you at ease right away and is truly focused on sharing his knowledge with anyone. I had the great pleasure of playing and talking about music with him. He truly cares about teaching and I can definitely recommend him to get you to the next level in your musical journey!" - Duncan Lorimer

"Thank you for everything you have done for Andrew. You brought him out of his shell of being nervous and shy to perform in front of people. You are an awesome teacher." Marilyn McDaniel Turner

"Scott Perry is an awesome teacher and gentleman. He is so enthusiastic and encouraging; such a good and kind man. I truly look forward to lessons every week with my sister. With Scott's help, I am actually starting to believe I can play the guitar. I am a 60-year-old left-handed introvert learning to play right-handed. If Scott can teach me, he can teach anyone!" Pamela Pettry, Student

"Scott Perry is a phenomenal teacher. He displays all the attributes of a great educator including empathy, patience and knowing exactly what a student needs to help them move to the next level. Highly recommended." James Taylor, Guitar Retreat Organizer

"Our 7 year old has been learning with Scott for over a year now and she LOVES Scott. He makes such an effort to find out what songs she is listening to and then finds the time to bring that song to class the next week and make her excited to learn week after week after week. How our 7-year-old can learn to play today's music and also the basics/traditional songs with two parents that can barely play the radio is beyond me, but Scott is doing it. Highly recommend Scott!" Kelly Hiatt, Student Parent

"My daughter has been taking lessons for almost 6 years. Scott is an amazing teacher and my daughter absolutely loves him! He always goes above and beyond! Thanks for all you do Scott!" Sheena Quesenberry, Student Parent

"Scott I just want to say thank you for the last twelve years. You are such a caring person and teacher. I know Dylan has enjoyed every year he has been with you!" Judy Thomas, Student Grandparent

"What can I say about Scott Perry? Well, I don't have enough time to tell you all the wonderful things but I'll definitely share a few. My son started taking lessons with Scott when he was 5 years old. Scott is the most patient, caring, fun loving and encouraging teacher I have ever met. I give him nothing but praise for all the years of teaching and mentoring he did with my son and many other children in the community. If you want to take guitar lessons or have a child that is interested, I highly recommend Scott!" Christy Thomas Vest, Student Parent

"We are so grateful that Scott has been teaching our daughter for almost 2 years now! He has such a gentle and easy way with kids. He sees them where they are as a whole person - so special! Satya loves to go to her lessons and also enjoys practicing. She will be playing music for a long time. How cool is that!" Sarah, McCarthy, Student Parent

"Scott was not only a teacher for my grandson but a mentor and friend. He gave him numerous opportunities to perform and even record. He keeps challenging himself as a musician and passes this knowledge to his students!" Hilda Dickerson, Student Grandparent

"Scott is a great musician and teacher and has helped our daughter discover and develop her musical talent. He is patient with his students, letting each work at a comfortable pace on music of their choice. His student recitals give motivation and help inspire confidence and independence. Thanks to Scott’s dedicated and encouraging teaching style, our daughter has skills which will serve her well throughout her life!" Paul Howell, Student Parent

"Scott has been teaching my daughter guitar for 2 years. She has different tastes in music than a lot of teenagers and he has been extremely understanding and encouraging through all of the ups and downs. He has a genuine interest in each student and what they like and does his best to encourage them every step of the way." Tabitha Greenhalgh, Student Parent

"Excellent teacher and person, my daughter will sing in front of strangers thanks to Scott! Love to hear her, thanks, Scott." James Ingram, Student Parent

"I judge a teacher by the results. Scott has helped the growth of the most amazing young people to find their inner musician. When I hear them play in public, they are full of spirit and highly skilled for their age. I am always filled with joy!" Jayn Avery, Student Supporter

"Scott is always encouraging Sarah to reach higher. He always offers his support and guidance to help her along the musical path." Katherine Austin Howell, Student Parent

"Our son loves lessons with Scott! His musical mastery, experience, and quick-witted humor create a learning environment that is fun, challenging, and promotes every opportunity to embrace the joy of learning to play guitar! We are very fortunate to have someone like Scott in our community." Laura LeRoy, Student Parent

"Scott is an excellent teacher! He finds what inspires his students and encourage them in that pursuit. Going to lessons are always a joy because Scott makes them fun!" Autumn LeBarre Nolen, Student Parent

"My daughter has taken lessons from Scott for the past 6 years and my son for almost 3 years and I can't say enough good things about him and their experience. I recommend him to anyone I speak to that is looking for lessons and I do it without hesitation knowing how he teaches and what kind of person he is. His patience, calm demeanor, and sense of humor create an atmosphere ideal for learning. My kids view their lessons as a time to hang out with Scott, not going to a practice/lesson. All that aside, he is a top level musician and has a gift to teach and pass on that knowledge to others. He has instilled a love of music and the ability to perform into both of my kids and that is something they will have the rest of their life. The small town we live in has many gems and Scott is one of them." Chris Bond, Student Parent

"Scott knows his stuff! This teacher has brought great music to many lucky students as well as eager listeners. You simply cannot go wrong with Scott Perry. Highly recommended." Rick Hall, Student Supporter

"Scott, Thank you for taking someone with no experience and teaching her the art of music. You are a great teacher and encourager. We look forward to what the future holds as she learns from one of the best!" Darren Landon, Student Parent

"Scott is my guitar teacher and an inspiration to me with his positive spirit. He is a patient, encouraging, entertaining, humorous, very knowledgeable and supportive person and teacher. It is a joy to learn guitar and a true pleasure to work with him. So glad my Sister and I took his workshop last year and that Scott took on that challenge to teach us! We are "older beginners" and that shows his versatile teaching skills. He works with our individual learning goals, like Contemporary Christian to Bruce Springsteen!
Such a joy to learn guitar with Scott...such a gift to our music and community in Floyd." Trish Hollandsworth, Student

"Scott Perry, you're the best of the best when it comes to music teachers. You took my grandchildren and nurtured them in the wonderful world of music. My young granddaughter, so shy and very unsure of her talent/skills, matured into a young lady of confidence and determination, learning to play the mandolin magnificently. My grandson excelled under your teaching of guitar and uses his talent to play for pleasure as well as for the pleasure of others. Thank you so much for all you did for both of them. You are to be highly commended. I'm a grateful grandmother." Linda Mitchell, Student Grandparent

"Awesome teacher! The smile on his face when he is working with his students reflects his love for his job and his pupils...couldn't ask for a better teacher! " Susan Harvey Duncan, Student Parent

"Our daughter has been taking lessons with Scott for almost a year. She truly loves her lessons and hanging out with Scott. :) She has done really well and learned a lot in such a short time. He makes it fun! Scott is also really great at helping each student no matter their skill level. Always with an encouraging word and smile!" Emily Hollins Harman, Student Parent

"Amazing teacher! Our son looks forward to lessons each week. His experience shows as he knows just the right way to handle each person that walks in his door. With variation in age, maturity, and skill level changing with each lesson Scott handles each one individually. My son talks about Scott like he is a friend of his not just a teacher. He is great at what he does!" Donna Smith, Student Parent

"We love Scott Perry! He has been a wonderful teacher to our daughter- encouraging and challenging her along the way." Jenny Finn, Student Parent, and Student Wife


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