Teachers Shake Us Free From Our Fears and Point Us Toward Our Possibilities

Uncategorized Jul 26, 2016

I Was Lucky

Not bright enough nor dumb enough to warrant attention, I languished in the public school system. Through some serendipitous circumstances, I was enrolled and attended Wilbraham & Monson Academy where I thrived academically thanks in no small part to fantastic teachers.

They were engaged, empathetic, and eager. That experience inspired me to pursue teaching upon graduating from college. I didn’t last long as a history teacher, but I have taught all my life. After all, teaching is not a job, it’s a way of interacting with others.

What Teaching Is Not

Instructors disseminate information. Usually, in the same meaningless way, it was dripped to them. They believe knowledge is power, a weapon to wield, not a gift to share. It is in their interest to withhold some of what they know to retain their position of superiority.

Directors, managers, foremen, shift leaders and the like are all just variations on the same theme. They seek and retain authority through position.

What Teaching Is

Teachers, share knowledge and provide opportunities to use it. Guiding, inspiring, encouraging and celebrating when others make new discoveries and breakthroughs.

Ultimately, a teachers job is to teach themselves out of a job and in the process help create another teacher.

The Choice Is Yours

There is a place for instructors and instructing. We want our doctors and engineers to be instructed in how to do their job. They work on things that matter to us and we want them to do it well. But teaching is a human activity. It involves connecting, communicating and challenging other human beings to exceed their own expectations. 

Want a job? Instruct, profess and lecture will earn you a living.

Want a vocation? Teach, lead and guide will earn you a life.

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