We Are All Musicians (& This Simple Exercise Will Prove It)!

inspiration Nov 17, 2016

Are You a Musician?

The answer to this question is usually based on whether the person being asked plays a musical instrument or not. If they do, then the answer is of course “Yes.” However, if they do not, the answer is most frequently “No.” This is both sad and incorrect. We are all musicians and I can prove it. Just answer the two simple questions below.

What Is Music & What It’s For

Music is a language. Like all languages, it’s simply organized sound. What’s it for? Well like any language, music is for communicating and connecting with ourselves and others.

Question #1

Have you ever sung a tune? Hummed or whistled one? Be honest. I mean have you ever done this? If you think not, ask your mom or dad if you did so as a child. I bet’cha did.

Question #2

Have you ever danced to music? Clapped your hands or tapped your feet to it? Felt it reverberate inside you? Again, I mean have you ever done this. If you firmly believe the answer is “No,” I will accept that (but not until you give me your mom or dad’s phone number and I check with them).

Congratulations, You Are a Musician!

Music is made up of three basic elements; melody, rhythm, and harmony. Melody is the song you sing or the tune you hum. Rhythm is the regular underlying beat or pulse to which you dance or tap your foot. Harmony is combining notes. We all have a natural and intuitive understanding of melody and rhythm. Harmony takes just a bit of training or practice.

Since we all understand and use two of the three basic elements of music we are all musicians. If you maintain that you’re not then you’re simply lying to me and, regrettably, to yourselves. Please stop that!

You were born with a couple of musical instruments. Tools with which you can make music. These are your voice, which is capable of expressing a melody (and harmony if you’ve mastered Tuvan throat singing), and your hands and feet, which are capable of beating out, clapping or tapping a steady rhythm.

Why Not Go Further?

So, you’re a musician and you already play a few instruments. Why not take up another? Piano or saxophone too intimidating? Get a dulcimer, harmonica or bongo drum. Want to get crazy and take up guitar or ukulele? I know a great teacher! ;)

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