Private In-Person Lessons

Are you struggling with deciding what the next best step is in starting or continuing your guitar playing adventure?

The most effective and efficient results come when you receive personalized, private guidance from a dedicated professional guitarist and teacher!

Hi, I'm Scott Perry, vintage blues guitarist and the creator of Guided Guitar Lessons. Private In-Person Lessons provide a dedicated one-on-one lesson every week for a half-hour or hour.

You'll receive personalized instruction and guidance, get your questions answered, get feedback on your progress, get encouragement and support and have a detailed, step-by-step curriculum designed around your interests, playing aspirations and learning style.

For over a decade I've guided 100s of students of all ages and playing levels to acheiving their guitar playing goals.

Concepts, tools and techniques are broken down into their essential elements and then delivered in an easy to follow, time tested, step-by-step system with a tune or exercise that provides a useful and immediate application for using the lesson material.

My students also receive:

  • the opprotunity to participate in 2 recitals annually
  • the opportunity to perform at local venues like the Floyd Country Store and Hotel Floyd
  • access to a private online archive of hundreds of songs, lessons and resources

Set up a FREE 15 minute consultation. Email me and let me know the day and time that works best for you and I'll schedule aour session right away!

 ****This Program Is Limited To 40 Students****


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